C and D Grade Reps

Towards the end of the normal club rugby season, 9th, 10th and 11th grade coaches nominate the best players in their teams to go to trial for the Hawke's Bay representative teams (which are called the "D"(9th) and "C"(10th)).

Which team you play for depends on where you go to school

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Ross Shield

The first Ross Shield games were between schools on a challenge basis which was first played for in 1902. In the early 1920s it became a round robin tournament of teams selected from schools in each district; this format has been largely untouched in nearly ninety years.The Heinz-Wattie's Ross Shield Tournament is a historic sporting event in New Zealand’s sporting calendar and is recognised in rugby circles as one of the premier primary schools’ tournaments.

There are six teams: Napier, Hastngs East, Hastings West, Wairoa, Central Hawke's Bay and Dannevirke.

The tournament is played over five days, usually Monday to Friday, in the first week of the school holidays at the end of Term 3.Each team plays each of the other five teams so they have one game a day. There are points for winning, a draw and bonus points for being within six points of the winning team.The team who wins the most competition points after their five games wins the tournament; there is no play off. If two, or three, teams have the same number of competition points they share the trophy

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