All complaints must be in writing and sent/given to the respective Convenor and club chairman.  If the convenor and chairman cannot resolve the matter internally, a complaint can be made to the judicial officer of the Intercity Junior Rugby Board.

Junior Convenors - Ben Redmond and Ben McLeod 

Club Chairman - John McKeefry


​Complaints to the IJRB
The IJRB governs all Junior Rugby in the Hawkes Bay.

The Intercity Judicial Officer is responsible for dealing with all complaints regarding conduct on and off the field, associated with a junior rugby game.  All complaints must be made with the knowledge and/or consent of each club convenor.

1.All complaints must be set out in writing and addressed to the Judicial Officer 

2. All complaints must have the name, address and contact number of the complainant.  They must also have the team name/coach's name (if applicable).

​​​​​​​3. All complaints must have the date of the incident in question and all important facts.
4.  All complaints must be received no later than 7pm, Monday after the incident in question.  
Only in exceptional circumstances will a complaint be heard after the 7pm Monday.

The judicial officer will deal with any complaints in accordance with the NZRU Disciplinary Rules (printed December 2013) and the IJRB Constitution, White Book.